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  • Dealers Technology, Inc. works exclusively for the best interests of our clients, “auto dealers”. We guarantee that we will only work on behalf of our clients. No fee, commission, or gift is ever taken in any shape or form, directly or indirectly, from any vendor. This Dealers Technology policy is to ensure the sole interest of our paid consultees, “Auto Dealers”. Dealers Technology, Inc. will not recommend third-party products or services to further any of its own interests, monetary or otherwise.
  • Dealers Technology provides expertise to dealers and maintains alliances with key technology providers in the automotive industry. We seek out products and services that are most beneficial for automotive dealers. 

Dealers Technology, Inc. provides dealers with tools, information technology, training, and support to improve their bottom line. Core consulting assignments paid for by auto dealers as regular consulting fees will be Dealers Technology, Inc.'s sole source of income during paid engagements. At the start of each assignment, we will disclose a complete third-party vendor list of our affiliations and/or reseller arrangements. If we feel a particular product or service is a good fit and a benefit for our client, we will recommend those products or services. At the same time, Dealers Technology will disclose to the client the details of any and all monetary benefits from those providers. If our client chooses to retain a recommended product or service, Dealers Technology, Inc. will discount 100% of the earned commission or referral fees from those services or products from our normal consulting charges as a credit. Dealer Technology will not push the products on clients unless it is in their best interest.

Highest level of ethical business standards We are unequivocally committed to absolute transparency in our consulting engagements with our clients. Before, during, and after the assignment, we will remain transparent in our business services to dealers with the highest level of ethical business standards you can find in the automotive industry. Dealers Technology, Inc., is out to set a benchmark for other consultants and companies to follow.

  • With our Referral Fee Disclosure Promise, Dealers Technology will only act as a reseller or affiliate to procure the best tools at a competitive price for dealers to maximize their bottom line.
  • At the end of each engagement, Dealers Technology, Inc. will provide a written discount statement for our clients, providing the total revenue, directly or indirectly, that Dealers Technology generates or will generate in the future for that particular engagement. We want you to be confident in our business. Not only do we stand wholeheartedly behind our professional services and recommended products, we guarantee them!

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