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NADA 20 Group Presenter

Auto Executive has been a NADA (National Automobile Trade Association) Dealer 20 Group’s speaker and workshop trainer for many years. Also Auto Executive presented to many Dealers 20 Participants a cross slice and dice of their operations. Those presentations were very well received and are one of the cornerstones of the dealer group’s presentations. Auto Executive presents the finding with solid recommendations in a language that is understood by all the attendees. We hold train the legend series and help many of the NADA Facilitators and Consultants.

NADA 20 Groups

According to NADA, if you are a member of the NADA20 group you are getting the following benefits.

  • Three meetings per year; format and schedule is dependent on group type.
  • Access to the industry-leading, OEM-specific online composite.
  • Expense and performance guidelines by franchise.
  • Ongoing support from your 20 Group peers and consultant between meetings.
  • Financial comparisons of your dealership against average and best-in-class dealers.
  • Access to a collection of 20 Group ideas and best practices.
  • Professional analysis of your financial performance.
  • Real-time comparisons of your performance against competitive marketplace through Auto Executive’s exclusive tools and process.

Auto Executive offers NADA20 Group presentations at no cost to NADA20 Groups. So if you are a member of the group and would like to invite Auto Executive to slice and dice your 20 group’s dealers –body meetings please contact us to reserve a spot in your upcoming group meeting. We have a limited availability and need advance notice to perform the necessary homework before the presentation. We use this opportunity to help dealers and also let the dealers know about Auto Executive at no cost to your group.

PS: Auto Executive’s team goes to a great length to prepare for the presentation; therefore, if the meeting is cancelled for any reason after confirmation there will be a $ 500.00 cancellation fee for customized preparation.

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